Experience Lancaster Ohio’s Indoor Weekend Outlet Center

A new take on the Market Selling Experience you’ve never had before. Indoors, open every […]

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Competitive Rates

Competitive day and weekend rates mean more money in the vendors pocket.

Peddler’s Weekend Outlet has 10×10 and 10×18 spaces for rent.

To us, we think vendors should be able to CHOOSE  inside the Outlet Center where they want to set up and sell merchandise  – and have no financial repercussions because of it.  We have based our rental rates on one primary rule: rentals within the same size range have no difference in price.  Plus, if you rent all weekend, we apply discounts automatically. So, go ahead – choose your favorite space and book online today!

RATES 10×10
DAILY $18 not available 1 & 2 day rentals
All WEEKEND  $45 $65 3 day (Fri., Sat., Sun.) rentals

Beat The Seasonality Sales “Funk”

Indoor, open every weekend, and adjacent to a vendor mall means more opportunity to sell. […]

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Climate controlled space, window advertising opportunities, non-compete clause and snack shop means robust amenities. Ever […]

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Not sure if the Flea Market environment fits your needs?  Take a moment to answer a few questions for yourself…

1) Are you ready to sell items any weekend of the year…rain or shine?
2) Do you like to sell at craft shows?
3) Do you like haggling and negotiating with customers?
4) Is a personal connection to customers while displaying products important?
5) Do you enjoy making products to display for purchase?
6) You like control of your price, product and sales process?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then Peddler’s Outlet is the perfect place for you.  Reserve a space online for one day, two days, all weekend, or multiple weekends by visiting our ONLINE RESERVATIONS

Space rental Walk-Ins are also welcome during normal business hours (so long as space is available).