Peddler's Outlet

Experience Lancaster Ohio’s Weekend Outlet Center

A new take on the Market Selling Experience you’ve never had before.

Indoors, open every weekend, and adjacent to a vendor mall means more opportunity to sell.

Peddler’s Outlet was designed to maximize sales opportunities for vendors.  With Friday, Saturday and Sunday open hours, it allows vendors to maximize on the “Weekend Warrior” shopper experience.  Weekend Warrior shoppers are shoppers that shop early, fast, and are willing to negotiate on just about anything they buy.  If weekend warrior shoppers are your target consumer  – look no further.



Often vendors who attend Flea Markets have to contend with market closures; everything from the market closing a few days later, to completely closing for rest of the year.  It’s a good thing Peddler’s Outlet is open every weekend, all year around.  That means 52 weeks of selling opportunities.



Climate controlled space, window advertising opportunities, non-compete clause and snack shop means robust amenities.

Ever rented at a flea market and worried your products would be ruined because of outside weather, water, heat, or cold?  Not a problem at Peddler’s Outlet.  With a temperature controlled all indoor environment, every space feels just right to rent in.




Peddler’s Outlet has nine store front windows available for vendors to advertise in.  Just say the word and our marketing and advertising team can arrange for special window decals to advertise your specific product selections. For more information on window advertising, talk to our Outlet manager.




Our snack shop, located at the customer service counter,  has a variety of snack items for sell including: soda, candy, chips, muffins, coffee, nuts, and granola bars.  Vendors can also purchase price tags, pens, or a set of customer shopping bags, if desired.

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