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Vendor License

Do I need an Ohio Vendor’s License to set up?

Temporary vendors — who will sell items that were originally purchased for personal use (example(s): garage or yard sale items) — are NOT required to have a vendor’s license.

If items being sold were not for personal use (example:  pallet purchases for resale), then vendor’s will have to follow state sales tax and vendor license process requirements. As stipulated by Ohio law, any person making taxable retail sales must first obtain a “Vendor’s License”. An Ohio Vendor’s License is the equivalent of a sales tax license and authorizes you to collect and remit sales tax to the State of Ohio and local tax bureaus.

If Required – How to get an Ohio Vendor’s License:

To get your Vendor’s License (which authorizes you to collect sales tax), you can either apply online via the Ohio Business Gateway website or in-person at your local county auditor’s office.

If Required – Ohio Vendor’s License Application Fee, Turnaround Time, and Renewal Info

Applying for an Ohio Vendor’s License costs $25 (one-time application fee), and you will receive your permit instantly after filing your application.

Application Fee: $25
Turnaround Time: Instantly
Permit Renewals: No Renewals Needed

Disclaimer:  We provide this information to help guide vendor’s on regulations and requirements for a vendor’s license from the state of Ohio. Vendors gain no rights from this information. The state of Ohio’s website provides the most up to date details on vendor licenses, including its fee schedule. Click HERE to be directed to the State of Ohio Vendor License site.

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